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Ipe Wood Furniture – What Is the Difference Between Ipe and Oak?

If you are planning to purchase Ipe wood furniture for your home, there are some important things that you need to consider first. We have discussed some of the main benefits of Ipe furniture and have listed the top 3 reasons why you should opt for Ipe wood furniture. But before you decide on which type of furniture is best for you, you need to know what is the difference between Ipe and Oak? Knowing this will help you make a more informed decision on what type of furniture you should buy.

Oak is a hardwood that produces heavy boards. The oak has very dark grain and is very strong. But when it comes to durability, the advantage of oak is that it lasts longer than other hardwoods.

As a short tree, it has relatively short, straight needles. It does not need an extensive period of training before it can be harvested. This also means that it is less expensive than its competitor, Ipe.

Because of its strength, it also has a tendency to split easily if it is subject to strong winds or heavy rains. So, if you intend to use the furniture outside, you should consider purchasing a weather-proof version. If the furniture is exposed to strong wind and sunlight, the pieces may split or bend.

As compared to oak, Ipe is a softwood that has very shallow bark and thin veins. With its thin bark, it takes a long time to break down. The thickness of its grain gives it a beautiful, low density appearance. It also requires little maintenance to maintain its beautiful appearance.

Ipe wood is highly resistant to fire and contains high levels of natural oils. This means that your Ipe furniture will last longer than other hardwoods. Also, it does not lose its color over time as Oak does.

To top it all, Ipe is a popular choice of furniture among discriminating buyers as it possesses the quality of durability that Oak lacks. But there are some other factors that make Ipe preferable. Ipe wood is usually more expensive than Oak.

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All in all, Ipe is a very tough and durable hardwood. With its high level of resistance to fire and natural oils, ipe lumber for sale provides superior resistance to rot and mildew. It also offers natural beauty. So, if you are thinking of buying a new piece of furniture, it would be wise to buy an Ipe wood piece.